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Omr Sheet pdf download

OMR Sheet

The full form of OMR is Optical Mark Recognition. OMR acknowledges human-created marks on a specially printed paper or journal used in experiments, surveys, etc. It is widely used where a huge number of candidates apply and to evaluate data with consistency and immediate effect.

Things you should Know while filling OMR sheets

OMR Answer Sheets are made from Fine Quality premium paper which is comparatively thicker to enable crisp & clear writing. Unlike many other Answer Sheets which use flimsier quality paper and has greyish tone, Sheets are pure white.

Any normal image scanner can be used to scan OMR sheets for checking of the answer sheet. Now special machines are not required for scanning of OMR sheets. There is no requirement of any special OMR Scanner or costly OMR machines. A simple image scanner can be used for scanning OMR Sheets.

OMR sheet should be filled by any blue/black ballpoint pen or HB pencil

0mm tungsten carbide ball Plastic & elastic rubber barrel Stainless Steel Tip Addicting Smoothness, Crisp Dense lines, Extremely Quick drying. Completely smudge free therefore ideal for left handed writers. very handy in darkening omr sheet.

Don’t use a pencil other than HB or darker 2B pencil. Sometimes candidates do not pay attention to the pencil they are buying and bring in just any pencil. Check the pencil you have purchased for darkness. If it is not dark enough, consider another brand.

The use of Ink pen and Gel pen may cause smudging or blotting, so avoid using this type of Pen.

Download OMR Sample Sheet

File name : omr-sheet-download.pdf

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